Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser

Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser


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Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser

Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser

The Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser is a fully automated device that uses patented boronate fluorescence quenching technology to measure glycated haemoglobinfrom (HbA1c).

Sample results are available within as few as four minutes and reported in IFCC and DCCT standards. Mono S and JDS reporting are also available.

The Quo-Test can store up to 7,000 results which can be downloaded as text files to a PC via the integrated USB interface. Alternatively, results can be printed using the optional printer which connects via the Quo-Test's serial port.

Quo-TestÕs step by step instructions are displayed on its clear, multi-lingual display reducing the amount of time required to train an operator in the device's use.

Easy to Use

User friendly features minimise training time
Step-by-step instructions on display
Multi-lingual menu
Just 4µl blood required from finger prick or venous sample
Efficient Data Handling

Barcode reader included, only one scan per lot of cartridges required
Stores upto 7,000 results
Dual reporting in IFCC and DCCT values
Mono-S or JDS aligned values also available
PC software for LIS connectivity, USB port
Optional label printer available
Fast and Accurate

Results within 4 minutes
Boronate Affinity methodology (recognised as interference free)
Measuring range: 4% - 17% A1c (20 - 162 mmol/mol)
Imprecision: CV <3% at 7% A1c
Unaffected by Hb variants
Traceable to the IFCC reference method
Ergonomic Design

Compact and lightweight
Customised shoulder bag also available

Quo-Test HbA1c Analyser
Mains Lead and Power Adapter
Barcode Reader
User Manual and Multilingual software