Repose Baby Nest and pump

Repose Baby Nest and pump


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Repose Baby Nest and pump

The Repose Babynest is an adaptation of the Repose pressure ulcer prevention and treatment concept but is specifically aimed at reducing pressure ulcer formation during the first stages of a preterm infant’s life.

The inability for premature infants to support their limbs can result in a range of developmental complications. The Repose Babynest aims to assist in the reduction of these issues.

The Repose Babynest consists of a base mattress with an additional air filled border along the foot end of the product. These borders act as developmental boundaries that help with nesting the infant with or without additional padding (for example cotton sheeting). This also provides a safe and secure environment which has been suggested to promote positive response in neonatal growth and development.


  • Indicated for use in incubators and warmers in SCBU and NICU
  • Incorporates developmental boundaries
  • Provides pressure relief for delicate and friable skin
  • Helps muffle background noise
  • Aids comfort
  • Low Air technology distributes weight evenly and doesn’t lose its shape
  • Easy to clean and will deflate down to a compact size
  • Repose can be cleaned and reused