Resistive Hand Grip Exercisers

Resistive Hand Grip Exercisers


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Resistive Hand Grip Exercisers

Hand strength is vital for sports performance and for everyday life, so its important that you can effectively train your hands to be as strong as you need them to be. The Resistive Hand Grip Exercisers make advanced hand muscle strengthening incredibly easy, and the three resistances available help you to progressively develop your hand strength over time.

Comfortable Hand Strengthening

The ubiquitous design of the hand grip exercises ensures that you can easily get to grips with them and start your training immediately. The 11cm distance between the outside handle ends ensures a comfortable grip for most individuals while ensuring that hands are properly exercised.

Supplied in Pairs

To ensure that both hands can be exercised simultaneously, the hand grip exercisers are supplied in pairs. This ensures that both hands are trained evenly to prevent any strength discrepancies and help you achieve your peak in both hands.