ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid
ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid
ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid
ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid
ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid
ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid

ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid


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ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid

The ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid is an easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device providing convenient support for sit-to-stand and transfer. Enabling safe and active sit-to-stand and transfer to or from bed, wheelchair or toilet, the device can also be used to facilitate repositioning farther back in a chair or wheelchair. Sparing any overexertion for the caregiver, while also simulating a natural sit-to-stand motion, this transfer aid not only facilitates easy care, but can also encourage a gentle method of rehabilitation.

The 7600 has been designed for larger and heavier users. Most adults may find the ReTurn 500i more suitable, with younger or more petite users will benefit from the smaller dimensions of the ReTurn 7400.

Features of the ReTurn 7600 Sit-to-Stand Aid

  • For larger and heavier users weighing up to 205kg/450lbs
  • Unique, patented design makes the transfer platform incredibly easy to manoeuvre
  • Rolls, turns and pivots smoothly on all surfaces, even in confined spaces
  • Very easy to use, both for the user and the caregiver
  • Many different application areas
  • Can be easily adapted for different users
  • Stable and secure base plate
  • Easy to roll and directionally stable
  • Requires minimal exertion, even with a very large and heavy user
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for transport and storage
One of many applications for the SystemRoMedic ReTurn 7600
Some of the many applications for the ReTurn 7600

Fully Supportive and Adjustable to the Individual

The wider base plate of the ReTurn 7600 transfer aid has a low step-in height and clear markings to indicate where the users feet should go. The user is also supported by the ladder during standing training and transfer, while the height, width and angle of the user-adapted lower-leg supports can easily be adjusted to fit different patients.

Specifications of the ReTurn 7600

  • Height: 1210mm
  • Weight: 26kg
  • Baseplate (HxLxW): 45 x 795 x 672mm
  • Maximum user weight: 205kg (450lbs)