RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift
RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift
RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift
RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift

RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift


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RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift

The RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift is a safe and easy-to-use stationary ceiling lift unit that offers unlimited lifting solutions. The unit is manually transferred along the rail and is supplied with a quick-release trolley which readily allows for dismantling of the ceiling lift unit from the rail, as well as for presetting the ceiling lift unit and the lift strap to an angle of 45 or 90 degrees towards the rail for smooth and convenient transfers of users.

For All Rail Systems

The RiseAtlas450 can be used in all settings and in all types of rooms, both on permanent rail systems and on portable, freestanding lift stands. When used with the appropriate lifting accessories, the ceiling uni provides secure, comfortable and individually adapted lifting of users in connection with seated or horizontal transfers to and from the bed, wheelchair or toilet.

Features and Benefits of the RiseAtlas450

  • Modern, elegant and hygienic design
  • Provides safe working conditions and allows the carer to remain close to the user throughout the entire lifting procedure
  • Moves quietly and gently, with a soft start and stop
  • Easy and convenient hand control charging as standard
  • On/Off button on the hand control prevents unauthorised use of lift functions
  • Electrical and manual emergency lowering and manual emergency stop
  • Efficient strap control preventing accidental twisting of the lift strap
  • High capacity and environmentally friendly NiMH battery
  • Diagnostics, a special software available as an accessory that allows a PC to access further information about the ceiling lift unit

Versatile and Reliable

The RiseAtlas450 offers a large lifting area and the possibility of both very low and very high lifting, making it a great solution for lifting from the floor and for gait training and standing training. The ceiling lift can also be used for convenient transfer of users from one room to another.

A modern and stylish ceiling lift unit, the RiseAtlas450 offers unlimited lifting solutions with more performance, more flexibility, and more simplicity. It also provides convenience and more reliability compared to other ceiling lift units available on the market.

Specifications of the RiseAtlas450 Ceiling Lift

  • Material of chassis: Aluminium
  • Material of cover: Non-flammable ABS plastic
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 266 x 151 x 156mm
  • Total weight: 7.2kg
  • Lifting range: 2400mm
  • Lifting speed without load: 50mm/s
  • Lifting speed with load: 39mm/s
  • Sound level with load: 55dB(A)
  • Battery: NiMH 24V 3.2 Ah/768Wh
  • Safe working load: 205kg (450lb)

Image is for illustrative purposes only; Sling Bar is not included and must be purchased separately.