Rolyan Balance Enhancement Exercise Program (BEEP) Board

Rolyan Balance Enhancement Exercise Program (BEEP) Board


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Rolyan Balance Enhancement Exercise Program (BEEP) Board

Individuals with poor balance are often at risk of falls, leaving them vulnerable to injury when walking unsupported. One of the best ways to reduce the potential risk of falling in those with poor balance is to help them regain confidence and develop balance.

The Rolyan Balance Enhancement Exercise Program (BEEP) Board makes doing this incredibly easy. It provides a simple system for helping those with poor balance regain confidence in shifting their weight, enabling them to regain their ability to balance themselves.

Key Features

  • Improves balance in individuals at risk of falls
  • Promotes weight shifting for better lateral balance reactions
  • Easy to use design helps users devlop confidence
  • Provides audible beep on successful weight shifts for reinforcement
  • Great for both individual and group use – social setting provides support and encouragement
  • Lightweight uniaxial plastic keeps users safe
  • Non-slip surface helps ensure stable and safe use

Rocking Motion Shifts Weight

The BEEP board utilises side-to-side rocking motions to help develop balance. By shifting weight from one side of the board to another, the user develops lateral balance reactions, helping them to increase their self-confidence in their movement and reduce their fear of falling.

Beep Goal for Better Reinforcement

To give users reinforcement on their progress, the Rolyan BEEP balance board provides an audible beep with each successful weight shift. Not only does this help users know that they're hitting their marks, it also makes the board suitable for users with visual impairments, giving them easy to understand feedback on their performance.

Great for Individual or Group Use

The board can be used for individual one-on-one treatment and therapies, and can also be used as a part of group therapies. Group exercises with the BEEP board helps to make its use a social event, enhancing its effects with mutual support and interaction. Music can also be used to make group exercises more lively, engaging users even more.

Designed for Safety

Because the Rolyan BEEP board is made for use by those with reduced balance, it has been designed to be as safe to use as possible. It's made from lightweight uniaxial plastic to help keep users safe, and a slip-resistant surface helps to keep feet secure on the board. The board even utilises foam to cushion the impacts caused by weight shifts.


  • Length: 41cm
  • Width: 64cm

The Rolyan Balance Enhancement Exercise Program (BEEP) Board features a maximum user weight of 136kg (21.25 stone).