Rotalite Transfer Platform

Rotalite Transfer Platform


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Rotalite Transfer Platform

Constructed of aluminium and stainless steel, the Rotalite is durable and corrosion resistant, but also lightweight compared to similar framed turning aids. Designed by an Occupational Therapist, the frame provides security for the client reducing the risk of sideways falls during transfer and, subject to a risk assessment, allows single carer transfers. The frame provides a number of different hand hold positions for the user, enabling them to push up or pull up, depending on their capabilities. The secure rotational lock can be operated by the carer's hand or foot. A range of optional accessories are available including an adjustable height Knee Block which increases the flexibility of the Rotalite, enabling clients to use the device in a similar way to a conventional turning aid, forearm supports for users with reduced grip strength and 75mm raiser block for use with smaller clients.


Base: 660 x 635mm (26 x 25"). Footplate diameter 390mm (151/2"). Top handle height: 970mm (38"). Front handle height: 740mm (29"). Width between front handles: 445mm (171/2"). Weight: 13Kg (2st).

Weight Limit

190kg (30st)