Height Adjustable Tall Bariatric Frame Rotunda with Knee Support

Height Adjustable Tall Bariatric Frame Rotunda with Knee Support


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Height Adjustable Tall Bariatric Frame Rotunda with Knee Support

The Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform is a transfer aid that makes moving patients safe and easy. Lifting patients from sitting to standing positions put carers at risk of back and other musculoskeletal injuries. By eliminating the need for the patient to be lifted, the risk of harm is drastically lowered for both parties and patients can regain a sense of independence and dignity. The height adjustable transfer platform can be extended and is suitable for use by taller patients.

Who Can Use the Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform?

The Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform is ideal for use by carers who need to assist patients into different seating positions. Its overall height can be extended to between 960 - 1170mm with a floor-to-handle height of between 720 - 950mm, so it is even suitable for use by taller individuals. However, the user must be able to bear their own weight enough to stand using the Rotunda handles.

How Do I Use the Rotunda Transfer Platform?

The Rotunda Transfer Platform simplifies the process of transferring a patient by completely eliminating the need to lift them, protecting both participants from injury. The patient can lift themselves to their feet with the help of the handrail before being turned to the correct position by their carer. They can then sit back onto their bed, wheelchair or commode, completing the transfer.

Where Can I Use the Rotunda Transfer Platform?

The Rotunda's large, nylon wheels make it easy to manoeuvre over all types of flooring, so it is suitable for use in most care environments. This includes care homes, hospitals, hospices and even private residences where an individual is being looked after. Its 660mm width allow it to fit through standard British doors.

Can I Transport Patients with the Rotunda Transfer Platform?

This transfer platform should never be used to transport patients between locations as it is only designed to assist individuals from one seating position to another. Incorrect use could result in harm to the patient.

Why Is the Rotunda Transfer Platform Safer for Patients?

The patient can feel safe and confident as they are supported on the sturdy frame and wide base of the Rotunda Transfer Platform. Its turntable feature can transition smoothly between five different positions and has a locking mechanism to hold it securely in place. Actively participating in their transfer also enables individuals to regain a sense of dignity and independence.

Why is the Rotunda Transfer Platform Safer for Carers?

Repeatedly lifting and moving patients can cause strain to a career's body and may even lead to back injuries. By using the Rotunda, the need to lift the patient is completely eliminated, drastically reducing the chance of an injury. A transfer supported by the Rotunda only requires one assistant, so it can free up a care facility's resources to be used elsewhere.

Can the Rotunda Wide Transfer Platform Fit Through Doors?

As the maximum width of the Rotunda is only 660mm, it can pass easily through standard sized British doors and should be able to fit through the doors in most care homes and residences. We recommend you measure the relevant doors before purchasing the Rotunda as a precaution.

Are Other Versions Available?

The Rotunda Height Adjustable Transfer Platform is ideal for transferring taller patients. Other versions of the Rotunda are available:

  • Rotunda Standard Transfer Platform: For standard patient use
  • Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform: Expanded width for bariatric users

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight: 250kg (39 stone)
  • Overall Height: 960 - 1170mm
  • Width Between Handles: 420mm
  • Overall Width: 660mm (will pass through standard door frame)
  • Overall Depth: 618mm
  • Handle Height (from floor): 720 - 950mm
  • Turntable Diameter: 457mm
  • Unit weight: 13kg (29lb)