Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform

Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform


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Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform

Transferring patients between beds, chairs commodes and wheelchairs can be dangerous, as it puts an undue amount of pressure on the carer, leading to a significant risk of injury for both parties. The Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform is designed to solve this problem, as it safely rotates the patient to eliminate the need for the carer to lift the patient, and can accommodate larger patients with its expanded 660mm width.

How Does the Rotunda Platform Work?

While most transfer aids and turning boards will require some amount of lifting by the carer, the Rotunda Bariatric Transfer Platform eliminates this need entirely. The patient can use the integral handles to lift to their feet, at which point the carer turns the patient to a desired position. After this, the patient simply sits on their chair, wheelchair, commode or bed, and the transfer is complete.

Suitable for Bariatric Users

Many transfer systems are unsuitable for larger users, as their narrow width and basic materials can leave them at risk of breaking, and unable to accommodate the size of bariatric patients. This Transfer Platform is an ideal solution as it is manufactured from premium steel and made with a specially expanded 660mm width, making it suitable for almost all bariatric patients.

How is This Turning System Safer for the Patient?

With a sturdy, premium steel frame, the Rotunda makes the patient confident as they stand on the wide, sturdy turntable. The mechanism rotates between five lockable positions, ensuring safety during the slow, controlled turn. The patient will also gain a feeling of independence and security as they are actively involved in the transfer process, helping to maximise dignity during transfers.

How is the Rotunda Safer for Carers?

Back injuries are a constant risk for carers, as frequent transfers of larger patients may put undue stress on vulnerable joints, day after day. The Rotunda helps to greatly diminish this risk, as it completely eliminates the need for lifting and instead puts the strain on the platform's sturdy frame.

Which Environments is the Rotunda Suitable For?

The Rotunda Wide Transfer Platform is an excellent aid in any situation where frequent patient transfers will take place throughout the day. It's especially suited to care homes, hospices, home care environments and hospitals.

Will This Transfer Platform Get Through Doors?

While it features a wider frame to accommodate larger patients, this transfer aid can still fit through standard British doors. At 66cm in width, it will be able to travel through most care homes and residences without a problem. We recommend you measure the width of your relevant doors before purchasing the Rotunda Wide Transfer Platform.

How Many Carers Are Needed for Safe Operation?

This transfer aid takes the majority of the strain off the carer, and makes even larger patients simple to transfer. Providing the appropriate risk assessment has been undertaken, the Rotunda can be operated by a single carer, thereby freeing up the facility's resources for other care applications.

What Accessories are Available?

The Rotunda is available with accessories to make its use more comfortable, safe and efficient. These accessories can be selected using the tick boxes near the top of the page. These accessories are:

  • Rotunda Transfer Platform Knee Supports - Provides additional support for additional stability during transfers
  • Rotunda Transfer Platform Footguard - Aluminium kick plate to provide extra security during transfers
  • Rotunda Transfer Platform Raising Blocks - Raises patients up to allow a better grip on handles

Are Other Versions Available?

The Rotunda Wide Bariatric Transfer Platform is suited to transfers of larger patients, and, for other applications, different versions of the Rotunda are available. Other versions include:

  • Rotunda Standard Transfer Platform - For standard patient use
  • Rotunda High Frame Transfer Platform - Standard width with high frame for taller patients
  • Rotunda Wide High Frame Transfer Platform - Wider width with high frame for taller bariatric patients

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum user weight: 250kg (39 stone)
  • Width between handles: 520mm
  • Overall height: 1020mm
  • Overall width: 660mm
  • Overall depth: 618mm
  • Handle Height (from floor): 780mm
  • Turntable diameter: 457mm
  • Unit weight: 21kg (46lb)