Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley

Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley


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Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley

Shoulder injuries can seriously harm your quality of life, so it's vital that you can help your recovery as effectively and as easily as possible. The Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley helps aid the rehabilitation of shoulder injuries by improving range of motion and stretching the affected area. Its easy-to-use design is ideal for both home and clinic use, and can simply be mounted to a door for quick setup.

Key Features of the Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley

The key features of the Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley are:

  • Develop range of motion and aid stretching – great for shoulder injuries
  • Versatile design ideal for both prevention and rehabilitation
  • Made for ease of use for more effective exercise
  • Included door anchor makes setup fast and easy
  • Can be stored away when not in use – ideal for both home and clinic use
  • Includes a set of illustrated instructions to help you get started

Great for Shoulder Rehabilitation

The shoulder pulley helps develop range of motion and assists stretching. This makes it ideal for use during the rehabilitation of shoulder injuries, aiding recovery for better results. What's more, the pulley can even be used to prevent shoulder injuries in the future – perfect for active individuals looking to keep their joints flexible.

Easy to Use

To help you get the most from the shoulder pulley, it's been designed to be exceptionally easy to use. The included door anchor makes setup easy and means that the pulley can be stored away when not in use – great for both home and clinic use. 

To help you get started with the pulley, a full set of illustrated instructions is included. 

Contents of the Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley

The Sammons Preston Shoulder Pulley includes:

  • 1 x Pulley
  • 2 x Handles
  • 1 x Nylon cord
  • 1 x Door anchor
  • Illustrated instructions