Seca 376 Electronic Wireless Baby Scale With Shell Tray

Seca 376 Electronic Wireless Baby Scale With Shell Tray


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Seca 376 Electronic Wireless Baby Scale With Shell Tray

seca scale integrations

seca scale integrations


Fully integrates with EMIS, TPP SystmOne and Vision EMR systems, saving time and increasing patient safety. Contact seca(Click here) for more information about this functionality.

Electronic baby scale with extra large weighing tray ( III )

    • Capacity: 20 kg
    • Graduation Weight: 5 g < 7.5 g > 10 g
    • Weight: 3,7 kg
    • Power supply: Batteries / Optional Power Adaptor
    • Dimensions: 620 x 190 x 358 mm / 615 x 130 x 275 mm dimensions tray
    • Functions: PRINT, Overload protection, Auto-PRINT, TARE, Auto-clear, Autom. Weighing range switch-over, BMIF, HOLD, Auto-HOLD, Automatic switch-off, Wireless interface, SEND, RESET, Acoustic signals can be activated, Damping, Auto-SEND

The shell-shaped design of the seca 376 is consistent with the high demands made of its multiple functions. Suitable for babies and infants weighing up to 20 kg, the large tray keeps the baby safely on the scales. The clear controls of the user interface are located on the slightly raised, ergonomically shaped side of the scales facing the user. Large LCD figures make it quick and easy to read the weight. Battery operation means the seca 376 can be used anywhere. The tough and hygienic surface of high-quality material is easily and quickly cleaned.


Completely portable, no need for power outlets.


High sides to prevent the baby from falling out.


Measure as you weigh with an added rod.