SEERS Medical OrlandoFlex Patient Trolley Mattress

SEERS Medical OrlandoFlex Patient Trolley Mattress


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SEERS Medical OrlandoFlex Patient Trolley Mattress

The SEERS Medical OrlandoFlex Pressure-Reducing Patient Trolley Mattress has been designed to improve comfort and hygiene for patients during transportation, examinations, and x-rays. The mattress is x-ray translucent and CPR compatible for versatile use, and the antimicrobial cover is vapour permeable, water resistant, and anti-static for enhanced safety and cleanliness in acute medical environments.

Key Features of the OrlandoFlex Pressure-Reducing Patient Trolley Mattress
Mattress designed for use with the Orlando Patient Trolley
Ideal for use in a variety of acute healthcare departments
Mattress thickness of 100mm provides pressure-reducing comfort for patients
X-ray translucent and CPR compatible design provides versatile use
Two-way-stretch mattress cover is anti-static with a grip-lock anti-slip base for improved safety
Welded zip and side seams of the cover improve safety and hygiene
Cover is vapour permeable and water resistant for cleanliness
Antimicrobial cover helps to prevent the spread of germs
Designed for Orlando Patient Trolleys
The OrlandoFlex Patient Mattress is provided as standard with the Orlando Patient Trolley. Although it excels in ensuring patient comfort and hygiene, over time it will be beneficial to replace the existing trolley mattress to ensure it can continue to perform its best. As such, this OrlandoFlex Trolley Mattress is ideal as a spare or replacement for ongoing quality patient care.

Improves Patient Comfort
The OrlandoFlex Pressure-Reducing Mattress is constructed with a 100mm pressure-reducing design to ensure patients can be as comfortable as possible during examinations. It is also x-ray translucent and CPR compatible, allowing it to support patients in a wide range of situations.

Safer Cover Design
The two-way-stretch mattress cover is anti-static with a grip-lock anti-slip base. This helps to prevent any complications during examinations as a result of static, while also ensuring patients are as safe as possible while lying on the trolley.

Enhanced Hygiene for Patient Care
The cover is antimicrobial to reduce the spread of germs, while also offering vapour-permeable and water-resistant properties for ongoing hygiene maintenance. This facilitates quality patient care by ensuring that steps to create as hygienic an environment as possible have been taken with the patients' health in mind.

Technical Specifications
Safe maximum load capacity: 150kg
Overall dimensions: 1890 x 600 x 100mm
Please note that the mattress is shown in the image above alongside the trolley for illustrative purposes only. The trolley must be purchased separately.