Set of Two Sissel Spiky Domes

Set of Two Sissel Spiky Domes


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Set of Two Sissel Spiky Domes

During particular exercises, it can be hard to keep your ankles stable, shoulders supported and your overall body coordinated. 

The Sissel Spiky Domes are designed to help with this. The small, air-filled domes can be incorporated into your workout, for example during floor exercises, to aid with stability, coordination and proprioception. 

The spiked surfaces provide sensory stimulation, able to massage the reflex points on the foot to encourage circulation and improve your well being.


  • Set of 2 air filled balance domes
  • Promotes ankle stability
  • Increases shoulder girdle strength
  • Improves proprioception and coordination
  • Spiked surface ideal for sensory stimulation
  • Easy to use with adjustable pressure
  • Massages reflex points on the foot
  • Suitable for all age and skill levels
  • Latex and phthalate free - suitable for those sensitive or allergic to these materials 

Technical Specification

  • Diameter: 16cm
  • Set of two: 1 x blue dome, 1 x red dome