Seven-Day Pill Organiser

Seven-Day Pill Organiser


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Seven-Day Pill Organiser


Seven-Day Pill Organiser
The Seven-Day Pill Organiser has been designed to enable the efficient separation of large quantities of tablets or other pills. It is fully equipped to store a week's worth of medication, with the ability to compartmentalise up to four separate dosages each day.

Pill Capacity
The pill organiser is an ideal solution for anybody looking for a simple yet effective way or organising and separating out daily or weekly medication dosages. It features seven columns, each of which designated with a day of the week, with four compartments provided for each day.

Each compartment can be used to hold dosages that are required at different times of the day. This will be particularly useful for when morning medication differs in strength or type to tablets taken just before bed.

Easy to Read
Each compartment features a clearly legible label to identify the contents of that section. This will provide easily retrievable information regarding the required dosages to be taken at different times of the day. This will be ideal for anybody who finds that they often forget whether or not they had taken a particular dosage, as they will be able to tell instantly by checking to see if the pill is still in its designated location.

Each column of four compartments is labelled at the top with a day of the week, meaning medication can be sorted in advance so that it does not need to cause any distress nearer to the time of administration, as everything can be organised and prepared in advance.

Great for Carers
In addition to suiting personal prescription requirements, the Seven-Day Pill Organiser is also great for carers who help administer pills and tablets to patients and other individuals. If the carer is in possession of the medication, it can be organised accordingly before taking it to the patient, reducing the potential distress caused around the time of administration by ensuring everything has been fully prepared for the patient in advance.

This ability to segregate pills will also be crucial for carers who look after medication for numerous people. No longer will there be a concern for forgetting to administer a dosage or worrying about mixing up pills between patients, as an organiser can be used for each patient with their own prescriptions for the week stored in one convenient location.

Technical Specifications
The Seven-Day Pill Organiser features the following size dimensions:

272 x 141 x 40mm