Sidhil Chepstow Changing Trolley

Sidhil Chepstow Changing Trolley


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Sidhil Chepstow Changing Trolley

The saving of time and effort is important in any care home or nursing environment. Every trip back to drop something off means the job takes longer and delays staff from caring out other needs. Then there is the matter of hygiene and cleanliness, another consideration for any care home. If you are changing beds on your rounds, how do you juggle everything?

With the use of the Chepstow Changing Trolley, you do not have to. With three shelves for storage and a linen laundry bag, the moveable trolley helps to save you time and effort.

Features of the Chepstow Changing Trolley
The trolley is designed for the professional environment - care homes, hospitals, hospices etc - and is sturdy and robust to survive this environment. Made from a mild steel and coated in bioCote - an oxide bacterial coating - the trolley is hygienic and easily cleaned. This helps to reduce the spread of germs of cross-contamination within the hospital.

The trolley consists of three shelves and a white linen bag. The shelves can be used for the storage and distribution of bed lining but are also removable for ease of use and individual preference. The bag holder securely holds the bag in place, even when full.

To ensure the trolley is easy and smooth to move, the trolley consists of 10cm castors - an extra large size that makes movement no effort at all.

Additional Laundry Bags are available to buy separately in other colours.

Technical Details
The Chepstow Changing Trolley has the following measurements:

Chepstow Changing Trolley
Full Height - 104cm

Height to bottom shelf - 23cm

Height to top shelf - 91.5cm

Width 51cm
Length 104cm
Tray Size 46 x 46cm
Bag Size Diameter 48.5cm
Bag Size 46 x 76cm