Sidhil Grange Side Rails

Sidhil Grange Side Rails


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Sidhil Grange Side Rails

The safety of a patient must always come first in a residential home/care environment, throughout the night as well as during the day. Those who are prone to falling out of bed are at risk from suffering either injuries or distress and a solution must be provided to set their minds at ease. The Sidhil Grange Side Rails helps alleviate concerns by providing an aid for fall preventions and a physical barrier between the patient and the edge of the bed.

Features and Benefits of the Sidhil Grange Side Rails

  • Supplied as a pair
  • Improves patient safety
  • Alleviates concerns and worries over falls
  • Prevents falls and reduces the risk of injuries
  • Traditional styled side rails
  • Can be used on a divan style bed
  • Supplied with an adjustable cross-bar for easy installation on a single divan bed
  • Rail lowers to mattress surface level for easy access and user transfer
  • Suitable for a care/residential home environment

Technical Details for the Sidhil Grange Side Rails

The rails have the following measurements:

  Grange Side Rails
Height above mattress platform when raised 40cm
Height above mattress platform when lowered 5.5cm
Length 104.2 - 161.5cm
Weight (per rail) 5.5kg