Sidhil Howarth 3 Storage Trolley

Sidhil Howarth 3 Storage Trolley


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Sidhil Howarth 3 Storage Trolley

Whether you are in a doctor's surgery or a care home, it is important to have everything you need to hand. Having to return to a central place when you need something costs time and energy, both of which is better spent dealing with the patients at hand.

The Howarth 3 Storage Trolley can help with that. Easy to move thanks to the four castor wheels, the trolley has deep and shallow trays for your storage needs while carrying off a modern and sleek design.

Features of the Howarth 3 Storage Trolley
The trolley is made with a sturdy and robust design that helps increase durability. Ready for immediate use, the trolley is delivered fully assembled so there is no concern about parts or construction. The bioCote epoxy coated white frame is both hygienic and easy to clean, making it ideal for use in a care home or nursing environment.

The trolley comes with a combination of deep and shallow trays. Replacement/spare trays are available and all trays fit into the same slots so you can interchange them as you wish. Both a top and a bottom shelf are present, but can be removed for additional storage height if required.

The trolley has twin wheel castors to help it to move smoothly. The two front wheels are both braked, ensuring safety and stability when the trolley is in use. The high quality wheels measure 7.5cm each.

Replacement trays are available if the standard set up is not appropriate.

Technical Details
The trolley has the following measurements:

Howarth 3 Storage Trolley
Height 45cm
Width 57cm
Depth 62cm
The trolley is available in the following colours as well as a plain white option: