Sidhil Soft Rest Thin Mattress

Sidhil Soft Rest Thin Mattress


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Sidhil Soft Rest Thin Mattress

The Sidhil Softrest Thin Mattress is a turning, medium risk underlay mattress, specifically developed to support dynamic overlay mattress systems.

The 2.5'' foam provides protection against the patient bottoming out whilst helping to limit the overall height of the mattress combination, for safety reasons, when used in conjunction with side rails.

When used with one of the Dynamic overlay mattress systems, the mattress has a maximum user weight of 180kg (28st). (When used alone, the maximum user weight is 50kg (8st). Please note, the Softrest Thin Foam Mattress is not intended to be used on its own as a support surface.)

The stitched cover is made from a two-way stretch vapour-permeable PU coated fabric.

Key Features

  • Waterproof/vapour-permeable cover
  • Maximum user weight of 180kg (28st) when used with a Dynamic overlay mattress system
  • Medium risk underlay mattress
  • Suitable for Care Home/Hospice
  • Suitable for Community Equipment Store
  • Suitable for Hospitals

Height: 6.5cm

Width: 86.5cm

Length: 195.5cm

Weight: 12kg