Sidhil Trio Dynamic Mattress System

Sidhil Trio Dynamic Mattress System


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Sidhil Trio Dynamic Mattress System

The Trio is a 3-cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy system for use with high to very high risk patients, and has been designed to enhance the healing of all grades of pressure ulcers.

The mattress features a unique hinge positioned to aid profiling, which improves pressure reduction in the sacral area by reducing the 'pinching' of the alternating cells. The 21 cells running throughout the mattress incorporate static head cells and narrow heel cells with extra stability being provide by the inflated side supports.

The mattress has a maximum user weight of 220kg (35st) and is supplied with an easy use CPR unit.

The power unit is fitted with a low pressure alarm and a variable comfort control. An audio/visual power down alarm comes as standard.

The cover is made from a two-way stretch vapour-permeable PU coated fabric with covered zip and sealed seams.

Key Features

  • Easy use CPR unit
  • Full mattress replacement system
  • Ideal for use on profiling beds
  • 12 minute cycle time
  • Variable pressure settings
  • Visual alarms comes as standard
  • Two-way stretch, waterproof/vapour-permeable cover
  • Power unit meets all relevant electrical safety & EMC standards
  • For use with high / very high risk patients
  • Suitable for Care Home/Hospice
  • Suitable for Community Equipment Store
  • Suitable for Hospitals

Height: 27cm

Width: 90cm

Length: 195cm

Weight: 9.8kg