Cutimed Sorbion Sachet XL (45 x 25cm)

Cutimed Sorbion Sachet XL (45 x 25cm)


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Cutimed Sorbion Sachet XL (45 x 25cm)

Hydration Response Technology dressing with ultrasonically sealed polypropylene fleece

  • Can be used as a primary dressing suitable for all moderate to highly exuding wounds
  • Offers soft debridement, easily removing slough from wounds
  • Hypoallergenic

Contains gel forming polymers to absorb and bind exudate and detrimental agents (e.g. mmps, bacteria etc)

  • Can be used under compression bandages and is suitable for diabetic and lymphoedema patients
  • Protects peri-wound skin by helping to prevent maceration and excoriation
  • Reduces bacterial load on the wound bed by drawing and binding free floating bacteria e.g. MRSA
  • Helps to manage odour due to reduction of bacterial burden
  • May remain in place for up to 4 days

sorbion sachet XL has been anatomically shaped to treat difficult to dress wounds with moderate to high exudate levels. The shape and size of sorbion sachet XL has been specially designed to treat moderate to highly exuding difficult-to-dress wounds on the following anatomical sites:

  • Lower leg (e.g. venous leg ulcers, mixed aetiology leg ulcers, lymphoedema
  • Lower part of the abdomen (for abdominal dehiscence)
  • Axillary region (invasive metastasis, abscess incisions)
  • Thigh (split thickness skin graft donor sites, burns, trauma)
  • Thorax (mammory carcinoma, drainage, burns)
  • Sacral region – pressure ulcers