Sissel Balancefit Spiky Disc

Sissel Balancefit Spiky Disc


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Sissel Balancefit Spiky Disc

It can be difficult to consistently work on your physical strength and coordination, particularly if you have a busy lifestyle and are required to sit for long periods of time each day.

The Sissel Balancefit Spiky Disc is a multi-functional training device which allows you to easily improve upon your strength, coordination, circulation and balance at home.

The air-filled spiky disc can be used for a variety of exercises, including balance training and floor exercises. The specially shaped nodules encourage circulation and can also be used to massage the foot, making your workout a little more relaxing.


  • Durable air filled balance disc
  • Multi-functional training device to improve coordination, strength, circulation and balance
  • Specially shaped nodules in 2 different thicknesses to increase body's perceptive ability
  • Short spikes on one side for less intense feedback and longer spikes on the other for more feedback
  • Also suitable for foot massage
  • Latex and phthalate free - suitable for those sensitive or allergic to these materials
  • Available in 2 colours - please select from the drop down menu above
  • Needle valve for individual pressure regulation 

Technical Specification

  • Diameter: 34cm