Sissel Balu Heat Pad

Sissel Balu Heat Pad


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Sissel Balu Heat Pad

Sissel Balu Heat Pad
Whether they're feeling cold or in pain, it's always distressing when your child or baby is uncomfortable. Thankfully the Sissel Balu Heat Pad has been designed to ease discomfort caused by aches or the chill, helping relax your child and, you in turn.

The fun, character embroidered pad is easily heated in the microwave or oven to emit warmth, making it the ideal companion for your child on a cold winter's night. Filled with natural cherry stones, it can also deliver a gentle massage, perfect for soothing a tummy ache.

The breathable cotton cover is available in three colours and is machine washable, something essential when it comes to mucky pups!

Help your child or baby feel more comfortable with the warm, soothing Sissel Balu Heat Pad.

Features of the Balu Heat Pad
Character embroidered hot pad
Filled with natural, sterilised, dust free, sustainable sourced cherry stones
Retains heat for at least 20 minutes
Suitable for toddlers and infants
Perfect for soothing tummy aches, or for cold nights
Easily heated in microwave or oven
Cotton cover - soft and breathable
Available in 3 fun colours
Technical Specification
Size: 20cm
Washable at 30°C
Material: 100% cotton cover, filled with cherry stones