Sissel Cherry Heat Belt

Sissel Cherry Heat Belt


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Sissel Cherry Heat Belt

Sissel Cherry Heat Belt
If you suffer from back ache, you will know what an inconvenience it can be to everyday life. Whether you're on your feet or hunched over a desk, by the end of the day your muscles can feel tired and tense.

Sometimes heat is just what you need to soothe the pain. However, hot water bottles are not always practical for when you're busy, requiring you to hold them in place.

The Sissel Cherry Heat Belt easily attaches around your back using Velcro to heat the source of your tension. It can be worn around the house to provide hands-free, soothing relief from back pain.

The Heat Belt is easily heated in either the microwave or oven, whilst the natural cherry stone filling delivers a gentle massage for additional relief.

Features of the Sissel Cherry Heat Belt
Soothing heat for stressed back muscles
Effective heat source to ease tension and discomfort in the lumbar region
100% pure cherry stone filling - delivers gentle massage for additional relief
Contours to the body for targeted application
Promotes relaxation and blood circulation
Easily heats in microwave or oven
Velcro fastening belt - easy to attach/detach
Technical Specification
Dimensions: 50 x 17cm
Material: 100% cotton
Additional Information
The Sissel Cherry Heat Belt should be heated at a maximum of 70°C.