Sissel Exercise Loop Resistance Bands

Sissel Exercise Loop Resistance Bands


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Sissel Exercise Loop Resistance Bands

If you have suffered an injury or simply have not been as active as usual, your muscle strength and stamina may start to dwindle.

Thankfully, there are rehabilitation techniques out there to help rebuild your strength. The Sissel Exercise Loop Resistance Bands, for example, introduce an easy way for you to do this at home. Designed to improve your strength, stamina and coordination, these handy loops are ideal for use in rehabilitation or fitness, and can work for both individual and group training.

How Do the Exercise Loops Work?

The pack includes two separate bands, each with different levels of resistance. The yellow loop provides light resistance, whilst the green band is tougher. 

You may, for instance, wish to use the lighter band to start with, moving up to the green band as you build your strength. Alternatively, you may wish to use the less resistant loop to build leg strength, and the tougher green band for your arms.

Whichever way you wish to use your two pack of Sissel Exercise Bands, working the muscles in this way can improve your fitness and help you feel stronger.

Features of the Sissel Exercise Band

  • Ideal for use in rehabilitation and fitness
  • Benefits muscle strength, stamina and coordination
  • Wide range of applications e.g. individual and group training, aqua gym, "Sitsercise" for senior fitness
  • Lightweight and small - convenient and ready to use
  • Can be used with other exercise equipment such as Sissel Exercise Ball
  • Set of two - both light and strong resistance band included 
  • Box comes complete with exercise chart

Set includes:

  • 1 x light resistance yellow band
  • 1 x strong resistance green band

Technical Specification

  • Dimensions WxL: 5 x 33cm