Sissel Hot-Cold-Soft Pack

Sissel Hot-Cold-Soft Pack


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Sissel Hot-Cold-Soft Pack

Sissel Hot-Cold-Soft Pack
If you have had an injury or suffer from muscle pain and discomfort, it can be hard to find relief. Everyday tasks such as standing for long periods or sitting at your desk can leave your muscles feeling tense and tired.

The Sissel Hot-Cold-Soft Pack was designed to provide some alleviation from aching muscles. With the option of both warmth and cold application, you can choose which you'd prefer depending on the nature of your tension.

Easily warmed in the microwave or in hot water, and easily cooled in the freezer, this pack is ideal for use in the home for quick, comfortable relief.

How Long Should I Use the Hot-Cold Pack For?
The Sissel Soft Pack can be used as long or as short a time as necessary – we recommend finding a level of use that is comfortable for you. If you have any adverse effects, we recommend discontinuing use of the pack immediately and referring to a medical specialist.

Features of the Hot-Cold-Soft Pack
Comfortable - soft, textile-like surface
Versatile - delivers both warm and cold application
Ideal for back and thighs
Easy to warm in microwave or hot water
Easy to make cold in freezer
Can keep the pack cold by leaving it in the refrigerator
Hygienic - easy to keep clean
Instructions for use clearly printed on outside of the pack
Technical Specification
Dimensions: 36 x 28cm
Colour: blue
Additional Information
The pack should be placed in the freezer for maximum 2 hours