Sissel Pilates Core Trainer

Sissel Pilates Core Trainer


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Sissel Pilates Core Trainer

Pilates is a great way of strengthening the body, improving your core strength and general fitness. However, if you want to get the most out of your workout or increase the range of exercises, sometimes using your body alone is not enough.

If you want to boost your workout, the Sissel Pilates Core Trainer is a useful accompaniment to Pilates exercises. Consisting of four loops, the trainer provides resistance to help strengthen your core muscles further. Allowing for multiple exercises involving both arms and legs, it can be used to target specific problem areas.

Features of the Core Trainer

  • For effective core training during Pilates exercises
  • Strengthens core muscles of torso, arm and leg
  • Increases mobility and coordination
  • Targeted training for problem areas
  • Ideal for fitness, aerobics and therapy
  • 4 loops for multiple exercises involving both arms and legs
  • Flexible, hygienic handles - secure grip and comfortable handling
  • Medium resistance level for effective resistance training
  • Exercise guide included 
  • Phthalate free

Technical Specification

  • Material: Multi layered latex resistance band with silicone handles
  • Colour: Lime green