Sissel Resistance Press Ball

Sissel Resistance Press Ball


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Sissel Resistance Press Ball

If your mobility has been limited, for instance if you are recovering from a stroke, it can be incredibly frustrating. Particularly when it comes to your hands and fingers, reduced dexterity can really impact on everyday life and make even the simplest tasks that much more complicated.

Fortunately, there are rehabilitation and therapy processes designed to help with this. The Sissel Resistance Press Ball provides a simple way of working on your hand and finger muscles. Available in four different resistance levels, you can squeeze on the ball, wherever you are, to train the muscles and aid your recovery.

Even if you are not undergoing rehabilitation, the Sissel Press Ball is a great way of improving your general hand strength and coordination at home.

Features of the Resistance Press Ball

  • Small, solid foam ball which delivers resistance 
  • Permits specific training of musculature 
  • Improves mobility of hand and forearm
  • Works all muscles in your hands and fingers
  • Especially suited for finger therapy
  • Can be used for rehabilitation
  • Can be used in stroke recovery
  • Can be used in the MELT method, a neurofascia technique for pain relief
  • Available in 4 different resistances
  • Comes with exercise booklet

Technical Specification

  • Size: 50mm