SKLZ Medium Pro Bands Resistance Trainer

SKLZ Medium Pro Bands Resistance Trainer


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SKLZ Medium Pro Bands Resistance Trainer

If you've tried lower-resistance bands then it might be time to push your flexibility, strength and stamina to the next level with the SKLZ Medium Pro Bands Resistance Trainer. Use the Pro Bands to modify common exercises for a maximum efficiency workout. 

What Are the Key Features of the SKLZ Medium Resistance Trainer?

  • Resistance: Helps to increase your flexibility, strength and stamina
  • Portable: Small size makes bands easy to transport to the gym and back
  • Versatile: If you don't have much room then the bands make for a great, compact workout
  • Speed: Develops your acceleration and lateral speed
  • Durable: Built to withstand your most intense workouts and routines

When Should I Use the Medium Pro Bands Trainer?

The Pro Bands make an ideal addition to your warm-ups, helping to get your muscles ready for intense exercise. They're also perfect for adding tension to common exercises, or assisting pull-ups and dips. 

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training involves testing your limbs and core against resistance provided by either your own body weight or a range of specialist equipment, including the Pro Bands. Resistance training improves your muscle strength and tone and reduces the chance of injury.

Are the SKLZ Pro Bands Available In Other Resistance Levels?

Yes, the Pro Band is available with the following levels of resistance: