SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands Light (10 Pack)

SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands Light (10 Pack)


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SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands Light (10 Pack)

The SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands Light (Pack of 10) are great for team sports training or use as gym equipment. They are well suited for shoulder recovery exercises, and feature scannable codes which connect the user to online exercise videos.

What Are the Key Features of the SKLZ Mini Resistance Bands?

  • Resistance: Helps to increase the flexibility, strength and stamina in both your upper and lower body
  • Training: Ideal for lateral movements, hip and glute activation, and leg extensions
  • Recovery: Well suited to shoulder stabilisation exercises following injury or overuse
  • Portable: Small size makes bands easy to transport to the gym and back
  • Expert Advice: Bands feature scannable codes which allow for easy mobile access to online exercise videos

When Should I Use the Mini Resistance Bands?

The bands make an ideal addition to your warm-ups, helping to get your muscles ready for intense exercise. Their small size suits them to use in any scenario, whether you have limited space or limited access to other equipment. The bands are particularly helpful if you are looking to perform leg extensions, activate your hips and glutes, or improve your lateral movements.

How Can the Bands Help with Shoulder Instability?

Injury or overuse of the shoulder can lead to issues with the joint itself, which can often be very painful. Resistance bands help to strengthen the muscles which keep the ball of the joint in the socket, thereby helping to alleviate the condition.

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training involves testing your limbs and core against resistance provided by either your own body weight or a range of specialist equipment, including the mini bands. Resistance training improves your muscle strength and tone and reduces the chance of injury.

Are the Mini Bands Available with Any Other Resistance Weights?

Yes, the yellow bands are the lightest of three available resistance weights: