SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Light

SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Light


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SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Light

If you're looking for some more versatility in your workouts then the SKLZ Resistance Training Cable Set Light will fill your requirements. The door anchor components allow you to workout wherever you and the resistance cable is a great way to modify common exercise routines.

What's Included?

  • 1 x SKLZ light resistance cable (4 foot)
  • 2 x Flex handles
  • 1 x Door anchor

What Are the Key Benefits of the Resistance Training Cable Set?

  • Total Body Workout: Use multi-planar movements to comprehensively improve your strength and power
  • Versatile: Door anchor attaches to any door frame, letting you workout anywhere you want
  • Flex Handles: Side-lock technology allows for easy switching of the cables
  • Durable: Natural latex construction for intense training sessions

What Makes the SKLZ Training Cable Set So Versatile?

The door anchor allows you to attach the training cable to any doorway, wherever and whenever, making the set a great choice for travelling. The set can be easily modified to fit your requirements by fixing a resistance cable of an alternative strength into the side-lock component. Following is a list of suitable spare or replacement cables:

What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training involves testing your limbs and core against resistance provided by either your own body weight or a range of specialist equipment, including the SKLZ Training Cable Set which improves your muscle strength and tone and reduces the chance of injury.

Is the Resistance Cable Set Available In Any Other Resistance Strengths?

Yes, the cable is also available with a medium strength.