SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table

SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table


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SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table

For children and adults who often use wheelchairs, standard tables may not have the necessary adaptability to facilitate all their activities. For these people, specially designed, height adjustable tables may be needed. The SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table is a multi-purpose table, made to facilitate all types of activities for up to four wheelchair users at a time. With height adjustability and a large, laminated work surface, this table is an excellent option for a wide range of environments.

One Table for All Activities
For wheelchair users, it is often necessary to purchase a range of tables for different uses. This table, however, is suitable for almost anything, including craftwork, dining, computer work and classroom activities. Additionally, since it can be accessed by up to four wheelchair users at a time, it's perfect for groupwork or where space is at a premium.

Safe and Hygienic
Spacious and sturdy, the SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table has a special hard-wearing laminate finish tabletop which makes it highly resistant to stains and water damage. It is also made to be easy to clean, with no sharp edges where debris could become trapped. Simply wipe down the table in seconds and have it ready for its next activity.

Height Adjustable
Different wheelchairs will often have different height requirements for work surfaces, and this table is made with this is mind. Its height is fully adjustable with an easy-to-use wind-up crank handle, meaning that anyone can adapt this table to their liking, regardless of strength.

Features of the SKM Easywind Four-Leg Group Table
Laminate finish tabletop for hygiene maintenance
Suitable for a wide range of activities
Versatile enough for most environments
Wind-up crank handle makes adjustment easy
Can accommodate up to four wheelchair users
Available in Standard or Junior sizes
Dimensions and Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 105.5 x 43 - 58cm
Diameter (LxWxH): 160 x 105.5 x 54 - 80cm
Please note: As this product is made to order, it is non-returnable unless damaged and may be subject to an additional delivery time. For more information, contact our Customer Support Team at 020 7720 2266.