Sling Bar Lifting Aid Small

Sling Bar Lifting Aid Small


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Sling Bar Lifting Aid Small

The Sling Bar Lifting Aid is a two-point aluminium sling bar that is used with a variety of SystemRoMedic's patient lifting devices to facilitate safe and easy patient transfer and gait training. Available in three sizes, all variations of the Sling Bar have latches which prevent sling straps from slipping out of the sling bar, and can handle weights of up to 300kg (660lb).

Choosing the Right Size

Though all versions of the Sling Bar are compatible to use with many of SystemRoMedic's mobile and stationary patient lifts, it is still imperative to choose the right sized Sling Bar depending on the sling being used and the person being transferred.

  • Small is more narrow and suitable for normal lifting of children and petite adults, and is also suitable to use for gait training.
  • Medium is the standard size used for the majority of patient lifts and is adaptable to the vast majority of lifting situations.
  • Large is the widest Sling Bar available, and is excellent to use on larger patient as it provides increased room within the sling.

Accessories for Individual Adaptation

In order to make the most of the Sling Bar and create the optimal lifting and transfer environment for the patient, it can be paired with a number of accessories for individual adaptation. For example, all variants of Sling Bar can also be provided with a soft protection in form of the Sling Bar Wrap, which is sometimes needed for users with uncontrolled movements to protect their heads upon impact with the bar.

Technical Specifications

  • Two-point sling bar
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Width of Small: 350mm
  • Width of Medium: 450mm
  • Width of Large: 600mm
  • Safe working load: 300kg

Please note that while the image shows three bars, this product includes a single lifting aid only.