Solo Powered Toilet Lift Side

Solo Powered Toilet Lift Side


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Solo Powered Toilet Lift Side

The Solo Powered Toilet Lift is a functional, unobtrusive solution to toileting independently. The slimline, battery-powered lift mimics a natural standing movement, gently lowering and raising the user on and off the toilet at the simple touch of a button.

This toilet lift is available in two versions, with a switch on either the left or right side. Choose the appropriate version for you from the drop down menu above.

The Solo Powered Toilet Lift Is Easy to Use

Using the toilet lift is simple with an easy-to-use operating switch built into one of the optional arms (not included), which provide added support and comfort to the user. The armrests can be raised to facilitate side transfer and create more space in the bathroom if required. If the armrests are not needed, a handset can be used to operate the lift (included as standard).


The Solo Powered Toilet Lift’s compact and slimline appearance ensures it fits subtly into any bathroom setting without becoming the centre of attention. With minimum installation, the toilet lift can be placed over an existing toilet. This enables many users to toilet independently, thus providing a higher level of dignity and causing no embarrassment to the individual. When in its down position, the lift functions as a normal toilet seat and can be used by any member of the household.


The bathroom by its very nature demands products that are easy to clean. The Solo Powered Toilet Lift has smooth wipe-clean surfaces that require no more cleaning than that of an existing toilet.

Ease of Moving and Handling

When toileting independently is still not possible the toilet lift can play a key role in reducing the risks of manual handling related injuries. By minimising the lifting and weight associated with manual toilet transfer, only one person is needed to help the user toilet safely rather than the traditional two.

Key features

  • Weight capacity of up to 25 stone (160kg)
  • Easy-to-use controls and battery light indicator
  • Replicates natural standing action
  • Locking cup feet with anti-slip pads
  • Internal battery pack (no electrics)
  • Supplied with two standard batteries

Specifications of the Solo Powered Toilet Lift

The Solo Powered Toilet Lift has the following specifications:

  • Maximum User Weight: 160kg
  • Seat Width: 55cm
  • Seat Depth: 42cm
  • Minimum Seat Height: 43cm
  • Maximum Seat Height: 49cm
  • Bowl Clear Height: 37cm
  • Bowl Clear Width: 39cm
  • Height: 66cm
  • Length: 54cm
  • Width: 71cm
  • Product Weight: 17.8kg