Solution Giemsa Azur, 100 ml

Solution Giemsa Azur, 100 ml


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Giemsa Stain, Modified Solution (for the staining (of cellular blood components and blood parasites)



Tested for staining blood smears according to G. Clark (ed.), Staining Procedures, 4th edition, Williams & Wilkins, 173 (1981); together with May-Grünwald Solution for pap staining according to Pappenheim.


store at 20°C


When blood films are stained using Giemsa Stain, the nucleus and cytoplasm of white blood cells take on characteristic blue or pink coloration. The use of purified eosin and thiazine dyes minimizes lot-to-lot variation.

Physical form

Solution of azure B/azure II-eosin/methylene blue 1:12:2 (w/w/w) in glycerol/methanol 5:24 (v/v); total dye content: 0.6 % (w/w)