SSD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Alarm

SSD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Alarm


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SSD Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Alarm

Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Mat
When caring for an elderly or vulnerable person, it is important to monitor their movements to help prevent - or react to - falls and the injuries. But it can be hard to have eyes everywhere, especially when working in a care home environment.

With the Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Mat, you can be alerted when the person tries to move on their own accord and react to the situation. This helps prevent falls and injuries, statistics that care homes are keen to keep down.

Features of the Anti-Tamper Floor Sensor Mat
The floor mat is designed to help prevent falls by sounding an alarm as soon as the person moves, allowing assistance to reach them before they take another step. The mat is designed to trigger the alarm as soon as the person steps onto or applies weight to the sensor.

The alarm can either be an audible one if the system is being used as a stand-alone one, or can be connected into a nurse call system with an connector lead (not supplied). If it is wired into the system, then the alarm will be silent. The alarm can also be sent directly to a staff's pager for an instant alert if required.

The option between an instant alarm or a two second delay helps to minimise the risk of false alarms. This means that a person can shift their weight without sounding the alarm, but cannot move further than that.

The alarm can only be reset by the use of either the handset or the reset key. This prevents the patient from resetting the alarm themselves while still being at risk of a fall. A suspended alarm option can be accessed via the remote control so the staff can assist the patient without setting off the alarm, giving them a two minute window to work in.

Technical Details
The heavy duty floor sensor mat measures 900 x 600mm.

The alarm is operated by 4 x AA batteries, which are provided with the kit.