StandUp Portable Lift Chair

StandUp Portable Lift Chair


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StandUp Portable Lift Chair

The perfect solution for quick and safe lifts from the floor, the StandUp Portable Lift Chair is a new kind of assistive device that aids single caregivers. Carers are able to quickly, safely and easily assist a person lying on the floor, unable to get up on their own. In a secure and comfortable way, the StandUp lifts the user up into a seated position, ready for rising or transferring onto a wheelchair.

The StandUp is available with a power cable or a rechargeable battery, depending on preference. Both versions are supplied complete with a carrying strap and an Extra Long SitWalk for helping the user get onto the lift seat.

Features of the StandUp Portable Lift Chair
Available in Battery Powered or Plug In models
Includes an Extra Long SitWalk and carry straps
Compact and light-weight compared to other portable mobile lifts
Incredibly convenient and always at hand
Quick and secure assistance for users who have fallen
Lifts patients from the floor to a seated position
Ideal for homecare, nursing homes and hospital settings
Safe and easy to use, with instructions printed on the chair
Prevents work related injuries for single carers
Suitable For Care Environments
The StandUp Portable Lift Chair has been designed to assist patients up from the floor to a seated or standing position if they have fallen. It is intended for users who are not seriously injured and can manage on their own once they have been lifted from the floor. This makes the StandUp particularly useful in nursing homes and homecare environments.

Strong But Lightweight
The StandUp is both compact and lightweight, weighing only 11.5kg, which is less than half compared to other portable mobile lifts, and yet is strong and sturdy enough to manage lifting users weighing up to 160kg.

The device is convenient to always have close at hand, being easily folded up and equipped with a carrier strap for transport. It operates silently, requires no assembly, and has simple to follow instructions printed on the underside of the seat.

Cleaning and Disinfection
When necessary, clean the StandUp Lift Chair with warm water or rubbing alcohol. Do not use cleaning agents containing phenol or chlorine.

Specifications of the StandUp Portable Lift Chair
Weight: 11.5kg
Material: Aluminium
Height adjustment: 74 - 114cm
Seat height adjustment: 4 - 44cm
Seat measurements (WxD): 43 x 39.5cm
Lifting speed without load: 7.6mm/s
Maximum user weight: 160kg
Protection class: IPX4