Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion (Without Pump)

Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion (Without Pump)


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Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion (Without Pump)

If you're at a high risk of developing pressure sores, you might feel as though there's nothing to relieve the pain and pressure you feel. The Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion (Without Pump) has been designed for those at a high-to-very-high risk of developing pressure sores. With its foam pad and TPU cells encased in soft multi-spandex, the cushion delivers superb levels of pressure relief and comfort to the user.

Key Features and Benefits
Ideal for those needing pressure relief
Perfect for use in a wheelchair or other type of chair
Foam at front edge increases overall height
Scalloping for extra leg comfort
Supplied with water-resistant, vapour-permeable cover
Allows cushion to breathe
Parallel cells inflate alternately every four to six minutes
Automatically re-positions you in your chair
Allows blood to circulate to the skin
Reduces risk of decubitus pressure ulcers from forming
How Does an Air Alternating Cushion Work?
The Pressure Relief Cushion (Without Pump) is designed with a number of parallel cells that inflate alternatively every four to six minutes. Owing to their alternating layout, the cushion automatically re-positions you so blood can circulate properly to the skin. This helps reduce the risk of decubitus pressure sores forming.

Supplied Without the Pump
This particular version of the Stratus Alternating Air Cushion is supplied without a pump and provides the cushion only. This is useful if you require a replacement cushion but don't need an extra pump. If you would prefer the cushion with the pump, the Stratus Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion System is available to purchase separately.

Ideal for Respite Relief
The Stratus Alternating Air Cushion provides pressure relief to the buttocks. This makes it ideal for patients who need to be transferred to a chair for respite relief from their bed. The cushion features a foam layer at the front edge of the cushion, as well as scalloping for improved comfort to the legs.

Suitable for Use at Home or in Care Settings
The Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion is suitable for use in both domestic and professional care environments. This means that even when you're attending hospital appointments, you don't have to suffer from the build up of pressure on the buttocks.

With its water-resistant and vapour-permeable cover, the Stratus Alternating Air Cushion is a convenient and hygienic solution to your needs. The design of the cushion helps prevent painful rashes or ulcers forming on your skin, while remaining breathable throughout use. This helps you remain comfortable throughout use.

Portable Version Available
Please note that this Alternating Air Pressure Relief Cushion is mains operated. If you're looking for a portable version of this cushion, the BOS Combo 100 System Portable Alternating Pressure Relief Cushion is an excellent alternative.

Technical Specifications
Weight Capacity: 18.9 stone (120kg)
Number of Cells: 6
Alternating Cells: AB
Cell & Foam Combination
Foam Depth: 4cm
Easy-to-Use Pipe Connectors
Risk Category: Treatment High 1-2-3-4
Cover Material: Multi-Spandex
Cover Fixing Method: Zipper
Vapour Permeable
Water Resistant
Approval Rating: CE (94/42/EEC) MDD
Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 10cm
Pressure Relief Category
Suitable for those with severe pain, pressure sores and high-risk pressure care users with appropriate nursing care.
This rating is for guidance only and does not constitute a medical opinion. Please consult your GP, consultant or physiotherapist in order to obtain a medical opinion as to which pressure relief cushion is most suitable for your requirements before purchasing. A pressure relief cushion is not an alternative to appropriate nursing care, but should instead be used as a part of a wider care system.