Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder
Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder
Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder
Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder
Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder
Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder

Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder


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Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder

When you don't require a device as advanced as a pillbox but you want a helpful reminder so you take your medication or perform a particular task on time, the Tab Timer Pill Alarm Reminder is ideal for you. Small enough to fit into most pockets or purses and designed with three handy attachments that allow you to stick it, stand it or hang it anywhere, the Tab Timer Reminder Alarm is suited to busy users who require a simple yet effective alarm.

Features of the Tab Timer Pill Reminder

  • Easy to set up; three large buttons control all functions
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display for those with limited vision
  • Pocket-sized and portable design for use anywhere
  • Up to eight daily alarms can be set according to your needs
  • Offers a choice of 12- or 24-hour clock
  • Alarm times can easily be changed if your routine alters
  • Both audio and visual alarm signals for one minute
  • Loud volume ensures you won't miss alert
  • Alarm can be stopped by pressing any button for improved ease of use
  • Countdown timer can be set for regular reminders (i.e. every hour, etc.)
  • Features a magnet on back so it can be stuck to the fridge

How Does the Pill Timer Work?

Just three large buttons control all the functions on the Tab Timer Pill Reminder, making it extremely easy to set up and navigate. The device allows you to set up to eight different alarms and programme in exactly when you would like to be alerted. Designed with a distinct and loud alarm, as well as a visual aid to help alert you, the device helps ensure you never miss another pill or appointment.

Can I Set Alarms for Any Time?

Yes, up to eight alarms can be set at the exact times you require. This means you can set them at regular intervals e.g. every two hours, or you can set them for specific alerts throughout the day.

Is There a Maximum Countdown Time?

The countdown timer can be set to count down from a maximum of 23 hours and 59 minutes. This allows you to set countdowns for daily medication or even medication that needs to be taken at various points throughout the day.

Versatile Design

The handy device features a built-in magnet and an attachment so you can choose whether to stick it to your fridge, hang it from the wall or stand it on a surface. The Pill Alarm Reminder is also pocket sized so you can keep it on your person. This makes it ideal for use on the ward if you are a nurse or simply when you're on the go and need to take your medication while you're out.

Technical Specifications

  • Includes 1 x AAA battery
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 8 x 5.6 x 2cm
  • Weight: 88g

User Instructions

User Instructions
User Instructions