Tabtime Key for Medelert Pill Dispenser

Tabtime Key for Medelert Pill Dispenser


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Tabtime Key for Medelert Pill Dispenser

The Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser is one of the safest and securest pill dispensers on the market. Fully automatic with a secure locking system and key, the user can only access their tablets when it is the correct time for them to be released. This helps to prevent the user accidentally overdosing, something particularly useful for those who have difficulty remembering when they last took their medication.

The problem with using a key is the danger of losing it - we're only human after all, and a small key can be difficult to find once lost.

Fortunately, a Replacement Ivation Medelert Key is available, designed to help you keep your dispenser working for longer. The custom barrel key helps reduce the risk of someone tampering with your medication, keeping you in safe hands. It's also useful if a patient has more than one person caring for them, so they can both have access to the medication.

Features of the Tabtime Replacement Ivation Medelert Key

  • Spare or replacement key for the Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser
  • Ideal for multiple users i.e. Patient and carer
  • Allows for safe and secure pill management

Please note that this key is for use with the Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser only and is not for use with other brands or models of dispenser.