Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder

Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder


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Tabtime Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder

Remembering when to take your daily medication is hard enough, but if you suffer from dementia it can become significantly more problematic. As we grow older, our memory may not be as sharp as it once was, making keeping track of when to take your medication increasingly difficult. It can also be a struggle if you are visually impaired and are unable to clearly see when you're next due to take your pill or tablet.

The Medelert Pill Dispenser and Reminder is designed to make life that little bit easier. Whether you have a mental or visual impairment, are caring for someone who does, or are just forgetful from time to time, you can really benefit from this product. Timed for release, it automatically dispenses the right dosage exactly when you're required to take it, allowing you to safely control your medication. 

How Does the Weekly Pill Dispenser and Reminder Work?

The Tabtime Medelert Dispenser can carry a full week's medication, able to dispense pills up to four times a day depending on your needs. It's easily filled with the necessary medication and programmed by the user or a carer.

At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser will rotate and signal a sounding alarm and flashing light, handy if you're either visually impaired or hard of hearing. When it's time to take the pill, the correct dosage will come into view through an opening in the lid. 

The Medelert Dispenser is also lockable, meaning the medication is kept safely out of the way to reduce the risk of an accidental overdose. If you are caring for someone who may become confused or forgetful, you can keep hold of the key and feel safe in the knowledge that your patient or loved one cannot access an incorrect dosage.

What are the Dimensions of Each Compartment?

The dimensions of each individual pill compartment are as follows:

  • Individual compartment dimensions (LxWxD): 3.5 x 1.5 x 3cm

Features of the Weekly Pill Dispenser and Reminder

Numerous features allow the Weekly Pill Dispenser to deliver the best possible results, making life easier for patients, the elderly and carers alike. These include:

  • Fully automatic system allowing you to pre-program the dispenser for timed release of medication
  • Battery operated - portable
  • Low battery alert so you won't be caught without power
  • Carries a week's worth of medication and able to dispense a dose up to four times a day
  • 28 compartments which are 20% larger than many other automatic pill dispensers
  • Emits both an audio and visual alarm - high volume and bright flashing LED light to ensure you don't miss the alert
  • These alarms can be set to the exact times required, and can be easily changed to different times if your medication routine changes
  • Choice of three alarm tones - alarm will sound for 30 mins until the pills are removed to ensure you don't miss it
  • You can easily cancel the alarm by tipping the machine to dispense the pills
  • Secure metal locking mechanism with key included - patient cannot accidentally take a higher dose and risk harming themselves
  • Automatic DST time change - perfect to use when travelling, and updates when the clocks change
  • You can choose between a clear or opaque lid - opaque advised for increased patient safety
  • Radio controlled clock feature - can be turned off depending on user's preference
  • Removable medication tray with clip on lid - easy to load
  • Spare trays and keys available

Technical Specifications 

  • Diameter: 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 0.66kg
  • 28 compartments which can hold up to 18 aspirin sized pills
  • Batteries included

Additional Information

The Weekly Pill Dispenser and Reminder has a 1 year warranty and is designed for indoor use. Clean only using damp cloth or sponge.