Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table

Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table


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Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table

Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table

The Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table helps you achieve a better back and a better body. In just a few minutes a day, you can experience natural relief of back pain and improved joint health. This Inversion Table  increases versatility and intensifies your inversion experience. 

The Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table improves joint flexibility and range of movement and reduces nerve pressure. Movement while inverted encourages realignment and replaces muscles.

The Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table has a smooth surface that reduces friction, allowing the body to slide and achieve the optimum decompressive stretch. Plastic injection-molded construction is more durable than typical nylon or vinyl beds vulnerable to wear and tear. The easy-to-clean surface ensures pristine appearance over years of use.

The new foot platform design dials up or down for smaller or larger feet, allowing a comfortable and secure fit for the ankle clamps. Auto-locking Hinges, cam locks, and heat-treated steel parts create a product that is more secure and more reliable.

Features and Benefits of the Teeter EP 560 Sport Inversion Table

Gravity Boots

Use your Gravity Boots with the table or take them to the gym; great for inverted sit-ups and squats. The Gravity Boots wrap comfortably around each ankle, securing with adjustable, self-locking ratchet buckles. Super-soft 5/8” foam liners are a special blend to give maximum comfort with minimum compression. Made of light, highly durable DuPontTM HytrelTM material for a comfortable fit.

EZ StretchTM Traction Handles

With the muscles in your lower back relaxed, pushing on the handles can help to increase traction and enhance your stretching experience. The handles can also be used as a tool for intermittent traction and oscillation.

Precision Balancing

Compared with competing brands, engineering tests have shown that Teeter inversion tables are the most precisely balanced to allow controlled lockout in full inversion.

Pre-set Rotation Control

The adjustable or removable tether strap allows you to easily pre-determine your maximum angle of inversion.

Stable Base (and added floor protection)

Corner feet increase the A-frame base by 20%, and reduce sliding on hard surfaces.

Sizing of the Teeter EP 560 Sports Inversion Table

The Teeter EP 560 Sports Inversion Table folds in just a few seconds to 28" x 16" x 66" (71 x 41 x 168 cm).

Height capacity: 4’8” - 6’6" (142 – 198 cm)

Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Assembled dimensions: 48” x 27” x 61” (114 x 71 x 147 cm) 

Packaged dimensions: 50"x30”x7" (127x70x18cm),plus13”x9”x7”

Packaged weight: 68 lbs (30.9 kgs), plus 12 lbs. (5.5 kgs) 

Benefits of Inversion

For over 30 years, people have been using Teeter Hang Ups to help relieve their back pain and improve their lives. Medical and scientific studies from around the world have shown the benefits of inversion and Teeter is proud to lead the way as the only brand to meet UL’s standard for safety. Independent quality assurance gives Teeter users piece-of-mind to relax and enjoy the deep stretch that can naturally relieve back pain. Target back pain at the source with a four-pronged approach that helps to rehydrate discs, realign the spine, reduce nerve pressure and relax muscles. Inversion therapy also helps with joint health and flexibility to relieve joint pain in the neck, upper, mid, and lower back. A preliminary study out of Newcastle University reported a 70.5% reduction in the need for sciatica surgery for patients who regularly used a Teeter Hang Ups inversion table as opposed to physiotherapy alone. Why take a chance on a lookalike that doesn’t even come close to meeting basic safety standards? Trust only Teeter Hang Ups for a better back, better body.