Teeter EZ-UP Inversion System

Teeter EZ-UP Inversion System


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Teeter EZ-UP Inversion System

Inversion therapy (or hanging upside down) has been used for hundreds of years to help relieve back pain, reduce stress, stimulate circulation, promote flexibility and proper alignment, and reduce the effects of aging caused by gravity.

Any standard wood doorframe (meeting the uniform building code) can be your center for inversion with the TeeterÊEZ-UpÊInversion System, which comes complete with the Inversion Rack and Gravity Boots.Ê

Without interfering with the normal use of the door, quick-disconnect locking brackets secure to the doorframe and allow the Inversion Rack to be installed in just seconds. The Gravity Boots wrap comfortably around each ankle, securing with adjustable, self-locking ratchet buckles.ÊUsers simply hold onto the lower bar of the Rack, kick up to the upper bar, and rest each boot hook over the bar.Ê

Features of the EZ-Up Inversion Rack:

  • Double-bar system:ÊMakes mounting and dismounting easy
  • Quick-disconnect locking brackets:Secures the Rack to the doorframe, but allows easy removal
  • High quality finish:ÊScratch-resistant powder coating
  • Door-savers:ÊProtects the doorframe from damage while in-use
  • Foam hand grips:ÊFor a comfortable and secure grip
  • Valued-added materials:System includes Instructional Video and OwnerÕs Manual
  • 5 year warranty

Features of the Gravity Boots:

  • Dual, self-locking ratchet buckles: Unique double-lock system for security
  • Unparalleled comfort: Super-soft 1.6cm foam liners are a special blend to give maximum comfort with minimum compression
  • Calf Loops: Supplied with calf loops to help hoist yourself up
  • Flexible shell: Made of light, highly durable DuPont Hytrel material for a comfortable fit
  • Exclusive calf loops removable feature place a 2 degree bend in the knees to help reduce the load on knee joints and the top of the foot;
  • Strong, durable materials: Hooks and calf loops are made of 40 percent glass nylon alloy, creating a stronger product;

Non UK Mainland Delivery

At Health and Care, we always strive to provide free delivery on all items. However, with Teeter products there may be an additional charge for delivery to non UK Mainland addresses and Highland and Island addresses. In this case, we always work to minimise the courier costs and pass these on to our customers at cost price. This is an unavoidable charge as Teeter equipment is large and heavy.