TheraBand CLX Consecutive Resistance Loops (22m Roll)

TheraBand CLX Consecutive Resistance Loops (22m Roll)


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TheraBand CLX Consecutive Resistance Loops (22m Roll)

Developing strength is vital for aiding with recovery after injury and is also key for improving athletic performance. The TheraBand CLX Consecutive Resistance Loops (22m Roll) provide innovative and versatile training and exercises to help improve fitness and aid patient recovery, supplied in a long roll suitable for therapists.

Highly Versatile

The CLX Consecutive Loops provide versatile training, effectively combining bands, loops, tubing with handles and door anchors into a single product. Easy grip loops provide patients with multiple and unique grip options and also help to encourage hands-free exercises.

For even more versatility, a free TheraBand CLX app (available for iOS and Android) features a gallery of exercises to give both patients and practitioners an easy reference.

Fantastic for Rehabilitation

After an injury, it's vital that patients can effectively train and rehabilitate to regain their strength and ability. The different resistances offered by the TheraBand CLX Loops enable therapists to easily provide strength training to patients, helping to streamline and monitor their rehabilitation and progress. The simple design of the CLX also helps encourage patient compliance, enabling patients to more easily use the loops as a part of their home exercise routine.

TheraBand training is easier on joints than weight training and is less likely to cause injuries. This helps you provide physical therapy in a safe manner that enables you to properly take into account the needs of the patient.

Great for Athletes

As well as being fantastic for therapists, the CLX Loops are also great for athletes looking to improve and develop their strength. The different resistances enable you to develop your strength easily, improving your fitness and helping you with your sport or discipline.

It's also great for anyone looking to improve their overall fitness and strength, making it easy for you to grow your abilities over time.

Completely Latex-Free

While many latex-free resistance bands offer reduced performance compared with their latex counterparts, the TheraBand latex-free bands don't. This enables patients with latex allergies and latex-free facilities to fully reap the benefits provided by TheraBand CLX Loops.