TheraBand Exercise Mat

TheraBand Exercise Mat


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TheraBand Exercise Mat

Exercise is vital for both therapy and overall fitness, helping you build your body to where it needs to be. However, it's important that your body can be cushioned against the ground during exercises to prevent injury and enable you to work out for longer.

The TheraBand Exercise Mat provides exceptional cushioning during exercise, reducing pressure on the body and absorbing impacts to help you work out harder and for longer. Soft to the touch, the mat is comfortable to use and is incredibly durable.

Key Features of the TheraBand Exercise Mat

The key features of the TheraBand Exercise Mat are:

  • Soft to the touch for more comfortable use
  • High-density polyethylene construction is incredibly supportive and protective
  • Wear resistant for longer life
  • Easy to clean and completely waterproof
  • Pre-drilled hanging holes and two elastic straps make storage easy
  • Available with two thicknesses for more precise support
  • Three colour options great for colour-coded facilties

Comfortable and Supportive

Made using high-density polyethylene, the TheraBand mat is lightweight and soft to the touch. This makes it fantastically comfortable to use and also cushions the body. Absorbing pressure and shocks, the mat helps to protect against strain and impacts to make your exercises easier and safer.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

As well as being great at absorbing pressure, the mat is also durable and easy to maintain. Incredibly wear resistant, the mat is designed for long-term use and is also easy to clean. It's completely waterproof and can simply be wiped down after use to ensure hygiene is maintained.

Designed for Simple Storage

To make storing the mat when not in use as easy as possible, it's equipped with two elastic straps and features pre-drilled hanging holes. This enables you to hang the mats up when not in use, helping you save valuable floor space.

Two Thicknesses Available

To help you get the cushioning and protection you need, the mat is available with two thicknesses – 1.5cm and 2.5cm. These two thicknesses are great for different exercises that may require different levels of support.

Two Colour Options

Ideal for colour coding, the TheraBand mat is available with three colour options. This helps you organise your mats more easily – ideal for facilities with multiple exercise mats for different needs.

Dimensions of the TheraBand Exercise Mat

The dimensions of the TheraBand Exercise Mat are:

  • Length: 190cm
  • Width: 60cm
  • Thickness: 1.5cm or 2.5cm