Theraband Rocker Balance Board

Theraband Rocker Balance Board


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Theraband Rocker Balance Board

Balance training is key for both fitness and rehabilitative training, so it's vital that development can be properly controlled for the best possible result. The TheraBand Rocker Balance Board offers an unstable and sensory-stimulating surface, ideal for balance and proprioceptive training. The single plane design allows one plane of instability at a time for more specific training.

Train Balance, Posture and More

The unstable surface of the TheraBand Rocker Board helps to stimulate senses, enabling you to train balance and proprioception easily. This is ideal for fitness and rehabilitation use, helping you to develop key skills for both aspects of health and well-being.

Single Plane of Instability

To give you more targeted training, the TheraBand board features a single plane rocker that only allows one plane of instability at a time. This helps you to better control the aspects of balance that you train, ensuring consistent development.

Wide Range of Applications

The incredibly versatile nature of the rocker board makes it ideal for a huge range of applications in both fitness and rehabilitation, including:

  • Balance and proprioceptive training for upper and lower extremities
  • Closed kinetic chain exercises
  • Ankle and knee injury prevention and strengthening
  • Core strengthening and stability
  • Ankle range of motion and flexibility
  • Sensorimotor training

Made for Safe Use

The TheraBand board is made from black moulded plastic and features a specially designed grip tactile surface on the top. This helps ensure that feet stay firmly planted on the board for safer use. To improve safety even more, the board also features an anti-skid surface on the bottom, preventing it from sliding about during use.

Dimensions of the TheraBand Rocker Balance Board

The dimensions of the Theraband Rocker Balance Board are:

  • Width: 33.34cm
  • Length: 35.56cm

The angle of deflection of the Theraband Rocker Balance Board is 30 degrees. The weight limit of the TheraBand Rocker Balance Board is 21 stone (136kg)