TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

TheraBand Shoulder Pulley


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TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

Shoulder injuries can seriously harm quality of life, so it's vital that professionals helping recovery can have equipment that fully meets both their needs and the needs of their patients. The TheraBand Shoulder Pulley has been developed as a professional shoulder rehabilitation aid, improving range of motion and stretching the affected area. A range of features ensures secure and effective use, giving users instant feedback on their performance.

Key Features of the TheraBand Shoulder Pulley

The key features of the TheraBand Shoulder Pulley are:

  • Professional design for better shoulder rehabilitation
  • Made for ease of use for more effective exercise
  • Provides patients with instant feedback for clearer progression
  • Secure door anchor ensures safe use
  • Can be stored away when not in use – ideal for smaller clinics

Instant Feedback

It's vital that users can properly understand their progress through recovery, so the TheraBand pulley has been designed to give instant feedback to users. A set of distinct black marks along the rope gives clear feedback, and also gives practitioners an easy way to direct the use of the shoulder pulley.

Easy to Use

To help users get the most from the shoulder pulley, it's been designed to be exceptionally easy to use. The included door anchor is compatible with any standard door jamb and makes setup easy and safe. What's more, it also means that the pulley can be stored away when not in use – great for smaller clinics with limited space. 

Adjustable and Comfortable

For even better effectiveness, the TheraBand Shoulder Pulley has been developed to adjust to the needs of different users. The length of the pulley's rope can be adjusted to give each user a custom fit and give you extra versatility in treatment. To improve user comfort, the shoulder pulley also features a pair of soft foam handles, giving patients a comfortable and secure grip for even easier use.