Push Med Elbow Brace

Push Med Elbow Brace


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Push Med Elbow Brace

Push Med Elbow Brace

The Push Med Elbow Brace is an adjustable recovery aid that can be used to either completely limit the movement of the elbow joint or to support the joint during movement. The Push Med Elbow Brace is ideal for both easing the elbow back into operation after surgery, and for sporting injuries such as tennis and golfer's elbow.

Features Of The Push Med Elbow Brace

The Push Med Elbow Brace can provide an infinitely adjustable extension limitation of the elbow joint. This prevents the elbow from overstretching and can be used following surgery or with sporting injuries such as tennis and golfer's elbow.

The degree of restriction can be easily adjusted with one hand. The strap system is very functional by virtue of withstanding strong traction forces at different angles. The good anatomical fit and the silicone application help the position of the Push Med Elbow Brace to be maintained during movements. The brace is comfortable and light. A zipper makes it easy to put on and take off the elbow brace.

The Push Med Elbow Brace is made of Sympress, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry. The Push Med Elbow Brace is easy to apply and can be washed without any problem.

Indications For Use

  • Persistent complaints after elbow dislocations and/or fractures
  • Impingement in the case of overstretching (capsular clamping)
  • Degenerative disorders of the elbow joint

There are no known disorders where the Push Med Elbow Brace cannot or should not be worn. Avoid applying the elbow brace too tightly to begin with, pain is always a sign of warning.

Sizing Of The Push Med Elbow Brace

The Push Med Elbow Brace is available in 5 sizes. To find the correct size, bend the elbow at an angle of 90 degrees and measure the circumference over the outer elbow joint and around the inside crease of the elbow. Use the table below to select the correct size.

Fitting The Push Med Elbow Brace

To fit the Push Med Elbow Brace, hold the inside of the hand towards you while the elbow is bent slightly.Use the stiffener ends to slip the brace on the arm. Alternate between the left and right stiffener ends, to ensure that the brace fits symmetrically on the arm.The brace is properly located when you feel the protruding part of the elbow in the opening.Lift your arm to expose the zip and close the zip. Close the non-elastic band at the back of the upper arm.

Use the non-elastic bands to set the required stretching restriction. The stretching movement of the elbow is restricted more as the Velcro is attached further towards the hand.

Washing The Push Med Elbow Brace

Before washing the Push Med Elbow Brace ensure that the Velcro is closed . The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius, on a delicate fabrics cycle or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents. A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used: after this, hang the Push Med Elbow Brace up to dry in the open air (not near a heating source or in a tumble drier).

To extend the Push Med Elbow Brace’s service life, it should be dried after use, if necessary, before being stored.

Important Information of the Push Med Elbow Brace

Proper use of the Push Med Elbow Brace may require diagnosis by a doctor or therapist. Consult a specialist if the product requires individual adaptation. Check your Push Med Elbow Brace each time before using for signs of wear or ageing of parts or seams. Optimal performance of your elbow brace can only be guaranteed if the product is fully intact.