Portex Thermovent T2 Heat & Moisure Exchanger

Portex Thermovent T2 Heat & Moisure Exchanger


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Sterile, single use heat and moisture exchanger. Provides effective humidification for spontaneously breathing patients whose upper airways are bypassed by a tracheostomy tube. Device can be used for a maximum period of 24 hours. Now there is a new oxygen accessory line available. The Thermovent T2 Oxygen Line is a specific designated oxygen tube for use with the Portex­® Thermovent T2.

  • Simple opening port allows quick and easy access for a suction catheter to aid the removal of secretions.
  • Clear housing gives an aesthetic appearance and allows visualisation of contamination.
  • Integrated oxygen port that can provide up to 60% oxygen concentrations to the patient via the simplest of connections.
  • Original Portex® Thermovent T paper media provides high level performance heat and moisture exchange to patient.
  • Smooth, rounded edges aids patient comfort.

Moisture Output
25mg 1-1 H2O @ 15 breath/min-1 Tidal volume 500ml

Resistance to Flow
0.3 hPa (cmH2O) at gas flow rate 0.5l/sec-1 (30l/min) [0.6cm H2O 1-1 sec-1]
0.7 hPa (cmH2O) at gas flow rate 1.0l/sec-1 (60l/min) [0.7cm H2O 1-1 sec-1]
1.2 hPa (cmH2O) at gas flow rate 1.5l/sec-1 (90l/min) [0.9cm H2O 1-1 sec-1]

Dead Space

weight 7.5g

Inspired Oxygen Concentration (%)
15 breath/min
Tidal volume 500ml

O2 l/min: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
O2%: 27 33 37 42 45 47 53 54 57 60