ThoraxSling Disposable Lifting Sling (Pack of 5) Small

ThoraxSling Disposable Lifting Sling (Pack of 5) Small


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ThoraxSling Disposable Lifting Sling (Pack of 5) Small

Users of the MiniLift Standing Aid will know what a helpful and secure device it is for helping patients with weak lower body strength and impaired balance. The ThoraxSling Disposable Lifting Sling (Pack of 5) is designed for short-term use alongside the MiniLift. Easy to apply, it provides the user with back and seat support as they are being lifted, providing a sense of comfort and security when being raised from a seated position.

Unique Experience

The MiniLift Standing Aid offers a completely unique and comfortable experience when it comes to helping patients rise from a seated position. It gently guides users through a natural pattern of movement as they are lifted into a standing position, saving carers the strain of manual lifting.

Features of the ThoraxSling Disposable Lifting Sling

  • Pack of five non-woven, disposable slings
  • Easy for the caregiver to apply
  • Provides back and seat support to the user
  • Gives the patient an added sense of security
  • Facilitates hassle-free toileting
  • Prevents the spread of infectious bacteria

Gentle Seat Support

Together with the MiniLift, the Disposable ThoraxSling provides a gentle and smooth sit-to-stand experience for patients. As well as provides support for the back, the ThoraxSling also has seat support under the buttocks to ensure that the user is as comfortable as possible while being lifted.

Optimal Hygiene and Safety

The ThoraxSling Disposable Sling is made from a durable, non-woven material. Instead of laundering, the sling is discarded after use, when it becomes soiled, or when the user no longer requires it.

This prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other infectious bacteria, which is important for environments like hospitals and clinics where hygiene is of a high standard.

Recommended Weight Load

Each Disposable Sling will bear a different weight load depending on size. To get the best out of your ThoraxSling, please refer to the sizing table below:

Size Vest width (cm) Recommended user weight (kg)
Small 94cm 30 - 60kg
Medium 104cm 50 - 80kg
Large 124cm 70 - 110kg