Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame Red

Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame Red


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Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame Red

For the elderly, it can be difficult to easily sit on the toilet. As we get older our bones and muscles stat to fail us, meaning that we need extra support for even the simplest of daily activities. Include dementia in the equation and it can become difficult to even find the toilet, let alone sit down on it.

The Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame is designed to provide a solution to both these issues. A sturdy support for sitting on the toilet, the frame's bright colour also makes it easier for those with dementia to find.

Lightweight, Sturdy Design

The frame has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The lightweight design makes it easy for you to carry and transport to wherever it's needed, and it assembles in just a few moments so that those under your care aren't left waiting.

Despite its lightweight construction the frame is incredibly sturdy, and its rubber feet and detachable armrests provide stability and reduce the risk of slipping. It has a capacity of up to 190kg, making it suitable for most users

Easier to Locate

Because of its bright colour the frame is much easier to locate for dementia patients. This enables you to give them with extra confidence and safety in the bathroom, reducing the risk of accidents.

Available in Two Colours

To maximise efficacy, the frame is available in red and blue. This enables you to get the right colour to match the setting for the best possible effect.

Weight of the Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame

The weight of the Three-Way Coloured Toilet Frame is 6kg.